Understanding Yacht Regulations

Let us help guide you through all the red tape

The regulatory framework for yachts is complex and can be confusing, especially for people new to the industry. Our experts have substantial experience in the world of regulations and standards so we can assist in unravelling the complexity.

We offer the service of a training session on the requirements for yachts and we can tailor this to your needs, whether you’re in the large yacht or small craft sector. This could be a one-hour presentation, a full one-day workshop, or anything in between. We have the facilities to accommodate you at our office in Southampton, or we can travel to your preferred location. It’s ideal for yacht crew, managers, operators, or owners alike. Our training service also provides an opportunity to ask any questions of our technical experts.

Large Yachts and Superyachts (24m and over)

Our superyacht regulation training will cover:

  • The role of the International Maritime Organisation and it’s conventions.
  • An understanding of the different breakpoints in regulations – 24m, 500GT, 3000GT etc.
  • Pleasure vs Commercial – Why and what it means.
  • When is a Large Yacht a Passenger Yacht and why?
  • Large Yacht Code – What it is, why it’s needed, how it works.
  • The role of the Flag Administration, and national requirements.
  • The role of the Port State, and regional requirements.
  • The role of the Classification Society.
  • How the international regulatory framework evolved.
  • How to get the most of the relationship with the regulatory bodies.

Smaller craft (less than 24m)

Our regulation training for yachts and motorboats will cover:

  • Why the difference for small and large yachts?
  • Applicable International Conventions.
  • Pleasure vs Commercial, why and what it means.
  • Why the limit of 12 passengers?
  • UK Regulations for small pleasure yachts.
  • UK Regulations for small commercial yachts.
  • The role of the Certifying Authority.
  • The role of the MCA and the RYA.
  • The Recreational Craft Directive (RCD).
  • ISO Standards for Stability and Construction.

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